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Sisi Sote means “We Together” in Swahili. The jewelry brand was created in 2013 and is inspired by epic adventures in East Africa where I learned a great lesson: explore more, live without self-imposed limits, and surround yourself with uplifting people doing the same.

Back then I was a newly graduated pharmacist in a committed relationship who feared a life that was too predictable. Was I living my life for me or for others? I needed to know what else was out there! So I became single, started this small biz, moved to the UK to study global health, and traveled for several months to at least one country every year (until the coronavirus hit).

A decade has passed since creating my first prototype necklace and it’s taken time to clarify what the jewelry stands for – to unleash the free spirit within you and live a more boho way of life.

To your exploration,
Nicole (the creator of Sisi Sote Jewelry)

Sisi Sote Jewelry

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