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Sisi Sote means “We Together” in Swahili. The jewelry brand was created in 2013 and is inspired by epic adventures in East Africa where I learned a great lesson: explore more, live without self-imposed limits, and surround yourself with uplifting people doing the same.

Back then I was a newly graduated pharmacist in a committed relationship who feared a life that was too predictable. Was I living my life for me or for others? I needed to know what else was out there! So I became single, started this small biz, moved to the UK to study global health, and traveled for several months to at least one country every year (until the coronavirus hit).

Over a decade has passed since creating my first prototype necklace. It’s taken time to clarify what the jewelry stands for – to unleash the free spirit within you and live a more boho way of life.

To your exploration,
Nicole (the creator of Sisi Sote Jewelry)

Sisi Sote Jewelry

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